Empowering students to become all-around horsemen

What is a horseman? Why would you want to become one? A Horseman understands horses and is more than just a rider. And to simply make the world a better place for horses and people that love them!

As a qualified Natural Horseman I help my students of all ages connect with horses by developing a strong relationship and foundation with their horse. Horsemanship is about putting the relationship first and it is not English or Western. The recipe of success with horses is reliationship + foundation + Never Ending Self-improvement = success in a specialization English or Western! Also if you love horses as a hobby the more confident and understanding you are with horses the more fun it can be!


Do you love horses? Lesley Wooten Horsemanship is a learning program for your horsemanship journey. The journey of Horsemanship is a relationship with horses that can be fun, progressice and successful with horses

Grandfather Stables

We want to welcome you and your horse to Grandfather Stables! The top equestrian facility in the area of Boone, North Carolina. Call to schedule a tour 828-963-5000